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Before you begin using Ground Control you will need to log in. If you are a member of centre staff using the system for the first time you may have been provided with login details by your manager or a member of the Ground Control team.

If you are a jumper at the centre there are a few ways to log in to your account. If you know you already have an account (you have jumped at the centre since they started using Ground Control) you can try entering your email address in the Forgotten Password link above. If you are registered but the centre does not have your email address you will need to speak to a member of staff and ask them to add a password, or to add your email address. If you have not visited before, use the Register link above to enter your details - most centres will then require you to verify details such as insurance, association membership or rig details before jumping.

Please email us with any questions, problems or suggestions.

Login to use Ground Control

To use this manifest window as a public display screen enter the public password here.